Sunday, October 24, 2010

Farewell to Africa and on to Japan

Our trip ended with a spectacular meal, our last night in London, at L'Anima restaurant where we enjoyed pasta dishes with shaved white truffle.  We all agreed that this is a difficult trip to bring to an end.  We saw so much, experienced visions of nature we never thought we'd see, and met incredible people all along the way.

Linda and I spent our last day in London by enjoying a delightful lunch near Covent Garden with relatives of mine.  Although we met late in life and see each other rarely, we enjoy each  others' company and shared several laughs.  Afterwards, Linda and I strolled back to St. James Place, stopping at shops and pubs along the way.  Our favorite pubs were Sherlock Holmes, replete with memorabilia of all of the books and movies, and The Red Lion, in St. James, with its stunning polished wooden bar and mirrored walls.  We agreed that London is a city we could live in. 

We may paste some more photos of Africa when time permits, and will maintain this blog as our travels continue.  Next week, I'm off to Japan for a week of business followed by a week of sightseeing with my stepson, Hunter.  We'll be visiting several cities as part of the journey, including Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka, and Nikko.  Tune in when you can for some more random thoughts and photographs.

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