Sunday, October 10, 2010

Africa photos

Hungry Hippos in the Zambezi River, yes, not rocks as we originally thought...Hippos!

Sundowner across the river from our place.

Zebra anyone?

Antelope are so common they call them McDonald's
They have the golden arches in black on their backsides.

Hippos again.

Termite hill as tall as Michael.


and lions

and Lions! Oh my!

She shot us a look of disgust for disturbing her nap as she left with her 2 other pals'
These guys were just behind a gas station in Zambezi.  Just out of sight is a satellite dish the size of a house!
These big guys ram up against the tress to knock down their favorite nut.

Looks like my beloved South Carolina low country...but wait

low country doesn't have elephants!

typical "road"

typical village

elephant path through the wetlands

entrance to the game reserve..elephant skull

Baboon, they are very bad!!

Lunch with a Lion



  1. Oh my....I sent your site to my sister, Susie, who has been on your trip - she loved it - the "trip of a lifetime" is the much repeated phrase here. Soooo ___________....I'm searching for the right word. Next time.

    love, mer

  2. An epic journey....Michael, you must consider travel-writing.