Monday, February 13, 2023

City Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur is a fascinating city which houses the truly spectacular City Palace. We included a stop at a beautiful Hindi temple where they were conducting a pre-Holi day ceremony.

The five-storied City Palace contains several spectacular rooms and wonderfully ornate facades.

                                The detail of the artwork, preserved for centuries, is remarkable. 

                                 Every inch of the walls and ceilings in this room is painted in detail.

                                                  Intricate glasswork--floor, walls, and ceiling.

                                                         A view of Udaipur from the palace. 

A new emperor would fill the marble tub with coins and toss them from a window to his subjects below.

Pigeon racing has been popular for centuries. Above is the 'pigeon keep' for the royal family. 

                                The lattice window was carved from a single piece of marble. 

                                                             Exterior view of City Palace.


                                               Below, a sunset view over Udaipur's famed Lake Pichola.


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