Monday, February 13, 2023

Jaipur dinner

 We spent a fascinating evening in Jaipur discussing local foods, shopping at a market for our meal, and enjoying a traditional puppet show.

                                                     Special effects highlight the puppet show!

                  A family affair, the 76 year-old matriarch accompanied the puppet show with her drums. 

                                                         The puppets are all richly detailed. 

                                           Our host demonstrating some local cooking techniques.

The juice was drained from the coconut, and the shell then stuffed with a delicious chicken dish. It cooked for approximately two hours in the coals of the fire below.

The fuel is cattle dung, pressed into patties and stored dry. Part of our meal consisted of bread which was baked in the hot embers. Below are scenes from the local marketplace, where produce is brought in fresh daily.

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