Monday, February 13, 2023

Kumbhalgarh Fort

 This mammoth fort is surrounded by one of the longest walls in the world,second only to the Great Wall of China. A few hours drive outside of Udaipur, we passed through several rural settlements and often saw women washing clothes in pools of water.


                                                            Below, an ancient water wheel.


                     No missing Kumbhalgarh, as the enormous structure dominates the landscape.


                                                       A view of one of the inner courtyards.


                                The wall is wide enough to allow four horses to stride abreast.


The spikes attached to the doorway were designed to prevent elephants from battering down the door.


                                             The outer wall encloses an are of 32 square miles.


                       The autos parked near the ramparts convey some idea of the size of the wall.

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