Monday, February 13, 2023

Jaipur--Jantar Mantor Observatory, City Palace, and the Rambagh Palace

 Jantar Mantor observatory is a fascinating site to tour. An observatory constructed in 1726, the solar instruments are remarkably accurate and capable of measuring complex data to perform functions such as locating stars and predicting eclipses. The complex is also beautiful, as the structures resemble modern abstract works of art.


                                                           The largest sundial in the world.


City Palace, the official residence of the last Maharaja, whose family still resided in the complex.


The Mubarak Mahal, or guest pavilion, houses a wonderful collection of brocaded garments and silk attire.


The giant silver vessels in the Diwan-i-Am, or Hall of Public Audience, were used to transport holy water when the Maharaja visited England.


The Rambagh Palace Hotel, a former palace, is typical of the former palaces that have now been converted to hotel properties. Well preserved, a sense of grandeur still drifts through the grounds.


When the Maharaja was in residence, a single table for eighty people graced the dining room.

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