Monday, February 13, 2023

Jaipur--The Pink City

 The Jai Mahal Palace, below, is typical of former Maharaja residences which have been transformed into stunning hotel properties. Built in 1745, and former home to three princes, the hotel is nestled in the midst of 18 acres of Mughal gardens.


Jaipur is also known as "The Pink City". In the 19th century, Prince Albert of England visited and the yellow buildings were repainted pink. Even today, all buildings in the old city must be painted that color.


A visit to the morning market was a true glimpse behind the scenes of how the city awakens. Every day, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and animals are transported into the sprawling market.


                                A morning religious ceremony at one of the many temples in Jaipur.


                            The iconic Hawa Mahal, built from red and pink sandstone in 1789.


                                                                   Hand-fashioning copper.


The best known lassi place in Jaipur--served in disposable clay cups, as it has been for generations. A delicious, yogurt-based beverage.


                    A notary public in Jaipur. Note that they traditionally use old-fashioned typewriters.

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