Monday, June 24, 2024

Kek Lok Si Temple, the Snake Temple, and an Idyllic Fishing Village


Kek Lok Si Temple is the largest Buddhist/Taoist Temple in Malaysia, with more than 10,000 Buddha Pagodas on the grounds as well as the tranquil tortoise Pond of Longevity. 

                                                           Beautiful views of George Town. 


                                                            The Tortoise Pond of Longevity


There is a different atmosphere at the Snake Temple, where venomous reptiles dangle in platforms or trees not far from visitors. I was careful to always stand behind my guide.

                                      The snakes are relatively inactive during the day. Fine by me.

                                I enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's work, but was not as eager to wear a live boa.


One of the best meals of the trip was fresh pompano steamed in lemon grass, accompanied by head-on shrimp in a tamarind sauce. Tiger beer completed the meal. The fishermen in this obscure village head out to sea early morning and return with the fresh catch of the day. 


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