Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mykonos: Sun, Skin, and Sunsets

Mykonos has a well-deserved reputation as a playground of the Mediterranean.  As one approaches the harbor, the crescent-shaped beaches for which the island is justly famous stir the imagination.  There are beaches for those of any orientation, including a few that promise raucous evenings of uninhibited hedonism.  My wife refused to let me go to any of those. 

It is easy to see why the island became so popular.  In addition to the glorious beaches, Mykonos town is a charmer.  Twisting, white-washed alleyways and narrow stone staircases are beguiling, the Little Venice quarter is delightful, and the windmills dotting Kato Myli ridge are postcard-perfect.  Yet all of these attractions pale in comparison to a sunset so picturesque that it quiets any crowd. 

A restaurant of note is Sea Satin Market, a gem of a place that juts into the bay just beneath the windmills.  Fresh grilled fish, served only a few feet from the gently lapping waves, is the order of the day.  Spotlights play upon water so clear that it is possible to watch seaweed flutter beneath the gently lapping waves. 
Windmills standing guard over top of the restaurant 

We strolled along the quay, crammed with young tourists waiting for the evening to explode, and caught a cab to our pier.  Mykonos may be known for its anything-goes party atmosphere, but I'll remember the oleander, the hibiscus, and a slow stroll through winding streets to enjoy a sunset and a seaside dinner with friends. 

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