Friday, October 11, 2013


Forty-nine members of the Cleveland Yacht Club charted the yacht Galileo to tour the Greek Isles, bound by a shared bond of culture, cuisine, and all things alcoholic.  The Galileo is a 48-meter steel hull motor sailer with a beautiful lounge and shaded outdoor deck.

 Greece, a country of over ten million people, has a coastline equal to half of the African continent and more than 2,700 islands, of which 500 are inhabited. We will scratch the delightful surface of these sun-drenched islands by visiting eight of them. 
 After arriving in Athens, we travelled to Glyfada for a stroll and lunch at the restaurant in the photo above, Delfinia, with a beautiful harbor and a terrific multi-course repast.  And, yes, we enjoyed several bottles of wine and far too much laughter. 

 At every turn along the way you will be met by the sight of stunning ruins

Aboard the Galileo 
Sunset on the way to Kea 


 Illuminated church at Kea

We departed from the Marina Zea and set course for the enchanting isle of Kea, approximately an hour journey from the mainland.  Docking at the port of Korissia, one of the calmest harbors in the Mediterranean, we enjoyed a stroll of the quay and a few libations.  Kea is not frequented by tourists and retains a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere that entices one to linger in a cafĂ© or taverna and enjoy the quiet passage of an evening with friends. 

Of course, after that quiet passage of time, we all adjourned to the Galileo for a raucous evening of Adults Behaving Badly. 

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