Friday, December 12, 2014

Bermuda--Hamilton and St. George's

Hamilton, Bermuda's largest city, bustles with tourists and local businesspeople on the go.  Local men take great pride in sporting their Bermuda shorts, and you'll see several nattily attired gents navigating their way through town.  Hamilton is jammed with shops ranging from high-end brand names to local tourist venues, and restaurants run the gamut as well. 

Front Street, easily accessed from the ferry terminal, makes for a fun stroll.  Only blocks from the terminal is the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, a gothic-style edifice erected in the late nineteenth century. The Barracuda Grill served a terrific dinner--Rockfish is a local specialty, and the dish here was fantastic.  The adjacent Hog Penny Pub was perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail, and late night martinis in the bar at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess were perfect.  Travelers will note the near absence of fast food restaurants, which locals believe would diminish the Bermudian experience. 

Hog Penny Pub

Barracuda foie gras terrine


As busy as Hamilton is, St. George's swings in the opposite direction and seems a tiny community locked in the past.  The settlement of Bermuda began here, in 1609, when a ship carrying supplies to Jamestown, Virginia, floundered on the reefs.  St. George's served as the capital until 1815.  A few highlights include the delightful Somer's Garden and the Unfinished Church, which has sat uncompleted since the late 1800's due to storm damage and disagreements among parishioners.  A charming structure is the aged St. Peter's Church which, together with the surrounding graveyard, offer great photo opportunities.  A fine restaurant in St. George's is Wahoo's Bistro, with dockside seating.
St. Peter's Church


Somer's Garden

Unfinished Church

Miscellaneous Notes:  A bit off the path, but worthy of a stop, is the Fourways Inn, an elegant restaurant housed in a 17th century building.  The overloaded tables at brunch are highly recommended, and definitely try the traditional cod and potato dish, served with avocado and eggs on the side.  Another restaurant of note is the Waterlot Inn, housed in a handsome building which dates from 1670.  One word here: steaks.  Oops--three words:  martinis, steaks, and wine. 

Meat Station at Brunch


Fourways Inn
Bar at Waterlot Inn

Main Dining room


Indoor Patio


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