Sunday, August 11, 2013

From the North Channel to the Old Club

Heading further northeast, then swinging southeast at Algonac, Michigan, our flotilla continued on to the Old Club near Hansen's Island.  Founded by four Detroit businessmen in 1872, only four years after the capitulation of the south at Appomattox, the Old Club is the dreamy type of place that evokes images of black tie nights and martini sodden days.  Originally named the "St. Clair Fishing and Shooting Club of Detroit," the founders built, on stilts, a clubhouse and 26 boathouses. 

In 1902, and reorganized as the Old Club, the facilities were regularly expanded and today the Club offers a golf course, a hotel, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a trap range.  The original boathouses remain, each bathed in its own distinct hue.  This Club is best described as an elegant blend of tranquility, class, and comfort. 

Oh, and alcohol.  The Club makes a mean Hummer.  Didn't want to leave that out. 

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