Monday, October 22, 2018


Near Cancale, we stayed at the wonderful Chateau Richeux, owned by legendary chef Olivier Roellinger and his wife, Jill. The tidal changes here are the second greatest in the world, after only the Bay of Fundy.

View from our room

Mont St-Michel is visible in the distance

We visited nearby St. Malo, eighty percent of which was destroyed by Allied forces during WWII. The assault involved the first use of napalm in combat. Due to faulty intelligence, the Allies were operating under the mistaken belief that a substantial German force was present in the walled city. St. Malo has been beautifully restored, its massive walls intact, and is a popular stop for tourists. 

St. Malo Cathedral

The village of Cancale was a delightful visit. Cancale sources one-third of the oysters served in France, and we enjoyed a spectacular lunch at one of the many restaurants which line the quay. There may be fresher, finer oysters, but I don't know where!

One oyster already missing--couldn't resist! 

One church wall commemorates all of the fishermen who have been lost at sea

Oyster beds, Cancale 

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