Tuesday, March 7, 2017

El Tigre, Argentina

El Tigre, named for the jaguars that once populated the area, is a town in the Parana Delta consisting of several islands linked by serpentine canals. Located about 45 minutes from Buenos Aires, the town has several year round residents and boasts its own schools, a hospital, and police and fire departments. Above is a supply vessel docked at the mainland port.

Typical docks. The region is very popular with those who live in Buenos Aires and eagerly escape the city heat on summer weekends.

An amazing variety of structures exist in Tigre, from large, sprawling complexes to very modest get-a-way homes. There are many boat clubs in the region and the waters are dotted with every type of pleasure craft.
Ranching remains common in Tigre, focusing on cattle and other livestock. We enjoyed a leisurely lunch with our guide, who owns a ranch on one of the islands. He prepared some fine empanadas which were, of course, enjoyed with a bottle of Malbec.

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