Wednesday, November 8, 2023


 Not far from Seville is the small town of Santiponce, remarkable for two reasons. The first is the spectacular Roman ruins, including the an amphitheater once capable of seating 30,000 people. The underground corridors, once teeming with gladiators and animals, are fun to explore.

The second reason to visit is the talented Marmolejo family, artisans who have continued the family craft through generations. They make many of the beautiful items seen in Catholic processions and a municipal museum recognizes the family's amazing abilities and dedication.

The below drawing, depicting the interior of a prison during the Spanish civil war, was sent to the family by an incarcerated relative. Although he told the family that he was being treated well, he was never seen again.

Our visit concluded with a delightful meal, complete with some terrific Iberian jamon!!

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