Thursday, November 9, 2023


 Jamon! Jamon! Jamon! Everywhere in Andalusia, and delicious!

Tapas bars are great--a variety of terrific foods to sample, with a glass or two of local wine. Every city has a favorite, and every bar a specialty. 

                                             The narrow streets make for a comfortable stroll. 


The Roman Bridge, which sits atop the original first-century foundation, spans the Guadalquivir River as it winds toward Seville and the Atlantic. Beautifully lit at night, and great views of the city.


                            Plans to restore this ancient water wheel have not yet come to fruition.


The Mezquita, a former mosque with a church now in the center of the complex, is dazzling. While Cordoba today is a modest city, it was considered the cultural capital of Europe during the centuries of Muslim rule.  

The huge monstrance, designed to hold the Holy Communion wafer, is paraded through the streets during the annual Corpus Christi. While the bottom of the monstrance is silver plate, the top is solid silver with gold plating.

The small room beyond the arch is a mihrab, in which an iman would stand with his back to the assembled worshipers and recite scripture and sermon. The room was designed to amplify and project his voice. The mosaic consists of more than 3,000 pounds of glass and enamel cubes. 

       Construction of the Cathedral began in 1523 and the soaring arches and domes are magnificent. 

 The choir was added in 1750 and crafted from New World mahogany. The 109 stalls each feature a carved scene from the Bible.


                   The elegant mosque features more than 800 columns topped by red and white arches.

A few street scenes. Note that the streets are narrow and, therefore, shaded by the bordering homes. Everything is painted white to reflect the sun. 


The Alcazar is worth a quick visit, primarily to view the beautiful gardens and Roman mosaics which line the walls.



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