Monday, July 18, 2022

Buffalo Bill Center for the West, Custer State Park, and on to Deadwood, South Dakota

Actually five museums under one roof, there were many interesting exhibits about the legendary days of the Wild West.

                              The largest concentration of bison we witnessed was in Custer State Park

Deadwood is a fascinating little tourist trap of a town--a place made for bar-hopping and wandering from one souvenir shop to the next, but always something of interest nearby and well preserved facades. 

                                                                     The sign says it all. 


                                                                      Interior of the bar

                                                                       The circle closes!

The famed Bullock hotel. Like many other properties, the interior has been preserved, but now houses a casino. 

                                                       The sign installer has a sense of humor.

                                                  Calamity Jane's final resting place at Boot Hill. 

                                                       And the nearby grave site of Wild Bill.

The eastern entrance to the park became the most popular when Wild Bill built his now historic lodge there in 1904.


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