Monday, August 7, 2023

St. John's: Salmonier Nature Park and as far East as one can go!!!

Salmonier Nature Park makes for a pleasant excursion along a well-maintained boardwalk to view wildlife indigenous to the region. The animals live in expansive, fenced, enclosures.


The easternmost point in all of the Americas was the site of a military outpost during WWII. Imagining living and working under isolated conditions, in mercurial weather, makes one appreciate the service of the soldiers who guarded the coast. 


The Cape Spear Lighthouse is a worthwhile tour, and a great opportunity to appreciate the isolation endured by a lighthouse keeper and his family.

                            Hiking the East Coast trails was a beautiful, if again foggy, experience.

                                My traveling companions and I at a marker for the furthest eastern spot.


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