Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dreaming of Africa

It is now one week before we depart.  In anticipation of our journey, we spent the afternoon with Tim and Kerrie, our nephew and niece, creating a blog.  It only took us about six hours to come up with a name.  We hope you like it, cause we ain't gonna change the damn thing. 

Check back when you can as we'll provide regular updates once the trip begins.  After spending a night in London, we'll fly to Jo'berg and on to Zambia.  From Zambia, we'll visit Botswana, then Cape Town and the South African wine country.  Our trip ends in Kruger Park before the return to London.  Stay tuned and we'll fill you in on the sights, food and details of the lodges we visit.  Oh, and the quality of martinis along the way.

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